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Welcome to Arya Sr. Sec. School

Principal Message

Arya Sr. Sec. School, Jhojhu Kalan welcomes you and bids you to become a member of our mission for excellence. Excellence with us does not only mean academic achievements; this it is, but it also has other elements like social responsibility and personal nobility. Arya Sr. Sec. School may not take you to the sky, but it promises to show you the sky and the path to the sky also. Here, you will take one of the many steps you will need to know the world, to explore the earth to reach the sky.Equally important with us is to inculcate in you the spirit of love and sympathy, the spirit of happiness and fulfillment. Love the world to fulfill yourself, sympathize with the lesser of spread happiness.Here, in this school, you may not become the great you want to be, but here you will learn the need to be the great you must be. Greatness, dear friends, is a product of honesty and nobility. Here, we assure you, you will learn to attach yourself to great causes to good mission, to noble visions.

Dr Parmender Chitoria

About School

Arya Sr. Sec. School, Jhojhu Kalan owes its existence to the dream, vision and missionary zeal of Sh. Parmender Chitoria,Sh.Kuldeep Sangwan, Sh. Ashok Sharma,Sh. Surender Sangwan. A teacher by profession Sh. Parmender Chitoria shaped the destiny of this institution from the last twelve formative years as its Principal. Dedicated to the lofty ideals and noble principles of the great Indian sage and seer Swami Dayanand Saraswati, this school was founded in the historic village of Jhojhu Kalan in the year 1996 with the active support of the galaxy of local philanthropists fg The emergence of this seat of learning marked a new era in the annals of this region as it provided a great impetus to school education. The opening of a school here was thus like creating an oasis in the desert. One of the characteristic features of this school since its inception has been to cater especially to the needs of rural youth. There was once a time when the first generation of 10+2 in the rural areas of South Haryana region was predominated by the alumni of Arya Sr. Sec. School. The school is running by Maharishi Dayanand Edu. Society which runs over 5 educational institutions like arya college of edu.,arya college of art and craft all over the region and holds a unique position in the educational world. The accent of this organization is on value-based quality education. The pursuit of excellence is their mission and motto. The school was declared Best school among the non-goverment schools of Haryana in 2001-02.' The school has been ranked 2nd in Haryana last year by HBSE. The school is situated on two campuses occupying a total land areas of about 7 acres ( 5 acres for the higher edu. and 2 acres for primary edu.) .It imparts instruction in different streams including Arts, Science (Medical, Non-Medical, Computer Science)

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